Siloxane hybrid materials (Hybrimer), fabricated via sol-gel technology, shows high optical transparency, thermal and mechanical stability. Due to its excellent characteristics, Hybrimer can be applied to various optical components such as flexible hard coating materials, LED encapsulant, optical waveguide using soft lithography, and low K materials.

Wearable Platform Center

Our goal is to develope and commercialize of durable, high-performance, high-performance wearable platform material process technology that requires technical breakthrough for the commercialization of human and object-wearable wearable devices


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Our research is to develop the sol-gel siloxane hybrid materials (Hybrimers) as the new unique optical dielectric materials to be used in many applications for optics, displays, and others. Also, we are developing the sol-gel processed semiconducting oxide thin films to be used in TFT.


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[학회] MSE2019 Joint symposium 참석2019.07.08
MSE2019 Joint Symposium on Materials science and Engineering for the Next Generation이 6월 26~29일 일본 Sendai에서 개최되었습니다. 우리 연구실에서는 이인준(박사과정) 학생이 참석하였습니다. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poster Presentation 발표자 : 이인준 제목 : Sol-gel processed Fluorinated Epoxy Hybrid Materials for Bio-fluidic Barrier
[학회] Display Week 2019 International Symposium 참석2019.05.21
2019년 5월 12~17일 산호세 컨벤션센터에서 SID가 주최하는 Display week 2019 international Symposium에 참석하였습니다. 우리 연구실에서는 배병수 교수님, 최광문(박사후연구원), 임영우(석박사통합과정), 강승모(박사과정), 이융(석사과정)이 참석하였습니다. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Invited talk 연사 : 배병수 교수님 제목 : Out-Foldable Smartphone Will Be Real?: Challenges for Developing Glass-like Cover Plastic Films ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Poster Presentation 발표자 : 강승모 제목 : Light Absorbing Dye-doped Siloxane Based Optical Filter Film for Image and IR sensors

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