Siloxane hybrid materials (Hybrimer), fabricated via sol-gel technology, shows high optical transparency, thermal and mechanical stability. Due to its excellent characteristics, Hybrimer can be applied to various optical components such as flexible hard coating materials, LED encapsulant, optical waveguide using soft lithography, and low K materials.

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Our research is to develop the sol-gel siloxane hybrid materials (Hybrimers) as the new unique optical dielectric materials to be used in many applications for optics, displays, and others. Also, we are developing the sol-gel processed semiconducting oxide thin films to be used in TFT.


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[논문] 임영우 석박통합과정생 Small 저널에 표지 논문 게재2018.11.06
우리 연구실의 임영우(통합5) 학생이 김일두 교수님 연구실과의 협업으로 다음과 같은 주제로 재료 분야의 권위있는 학술지인 Small 저널에 표지 논문을 게재하였습니다. Flexible Gas Sensors: Glass-Fabric Reinforced Ag Nanowire/siloxane Composite Heater Substrate: Sub-10nm Metal@Metal Oxide Nanosheet for Sensitive Flexible Sensing Platform. Ji-Soo Jang, Young-Woo Lim, Dong-Ha Kim, Daewon Lee, Won-Tae Koo, Hyunhwan Lee, Byeong-soo Bae*, Il-Doo Kim*
[학회 및 수상] IMID 2018 참석2018.09.03
8월 28~31일 부산 벡스코에서 IMID가 주최하는 The 18th International Meeting on Information Display 에 참석하였습니다. 우리 연구실에서는 배병수 교수님, 임영우(석박사 통합과정), 이인준(박사과정), 이현환(박사과정), 강승모(석사과정)가 참석하였습니다. 이현환(박사과정) 학생의 "Anti-glare Glass-fabric Reinforced Hybrimer (GFRHybrimer) Film" paper가 Best Poster Award를 수상하였습니다. 축하드립니다. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Oral Presentation 발표자 : 배병수 교수님 제목 : Siloxane Hybrid Material Solution for Foldable Display Cover Window Film 발표자 : 임영우 제목 : Enhancing the Outcoupling Efficiency of OLED Using the Built-in High Haze Glass-fabric Reinforced Hybrimer (GFRHybrimer) Films ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Poster Presentation 발표자 : 임영우 제목 : Thermally Stable Glass-fabric Reinforced Siloxane Hybrid (GFRHybrimer) Films for Flexible Display Substrate Film 발표자 : 김윤혁 제목 : Stability Improvement of Quantum Dot/ Siloxane Film by Silica Modification 발표자 : 이인준 제목 : Fluorinated Epoxy Hybrid Material for Transparent Low-k Passivation Layer on Oxide Thin Film Transistors 발표자 : 이현환 제목 : Anti-glare Glass-fabric Reinforced Hybrimer (GFRHybrimer) Film with Flexural Hard surfaces 제목 : Highly Hazy Glass-fabric Reinforced Quantum Dot Hybrimer (QD-GFRHybrimer) Phosphor Film for Improved Luminescent Display/Lighting 발표자 : 강승모 제목 : Dye doped Siloxane Coating Film for Camera Module Infrared Cut-off Filter

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