Siloxane hybrid materials (Hybrimer), fabricated via sol-gel technology, shows high optical transparency, thermal and mechanical stability. Due to its excellent characteristics, Hybrimer can be applied to various optical components such as flexible hard coating materials, LED encapsulant, optical waveguide using soft lithography, and low K materials.

Wearable Platform Center

Our goal is to develope and commercialize of durable, high-performance, high-performance wearable platform material process technology that requires technical breakthrough for the commercialization of human and object-wearable wearable devices


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Our research is to develop the sol-gel siloxane hybrid materials (Hybrimers) as the new unique optical dielectric materials to be used in many applications for optics, displays, and others. Also, we are developing the sol-gel processed semiconducting oxide thin films to be used in TFT.

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[뉴스] 카이스트, 물과 고온·고습 환경에서도 안정적인 페로브스카이트 나노 입자 수지 개발2021.03.03
우리 연구실의 장준호 박사님이 서울대 재료공학부 이태우 교수님 연구팀과의 공동연구를 통해 물과 고온/고습 환경 및 각종 화학물질에서도 매우 안정된 차세대 디스플레이용 색 변환 소재인 페로브스카이트 나노 입자 발광 수지를 개발하여 보도되었습니다. 해당 논문은 Advanced Materials에 게재됐으며 연구의 우수성을 인정받아 내부 표지논문(Inside Cover Article)으로도 선정되었습니다. 논문명: Extremely Stable Luminescent Crosslinked Perovskite Nanoparticles under Harsh Environments over 1.5 Years https://m.ekn.kr/view.php?key=20201224010006160
[수상] Ph.D. Junho Jang won International Sol-Gel Ph.D Dissertation Award 3rd Place2021.03.03
우리 연구실의 박사후 과정 장준호 박사님께서 2020년 12월 International Sol-Gel Ph.D. Dissertation Award 3rd Place (국제솔젤학회 박사학위논문 경진대회 3등)을 수상하셨습니다. 축하드립니다! 논문 제목 : Siloxane-Encapsulated Luminescent Nanocrystals for Highly Stable Wavelength Converting Materials 링크 : https://www.isgs.org/community/the-isgs-phd-thesis-award-prize-for-2019-goes-to/

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