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The Laboratory of Optical Materials and Coating (LOMC) is the university laboratory directed by Prof. Byeong-Soo Bae in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) located in Daejeon, Korea. The LOMC has a mission to conduct research and education in sol-gel based materials science and technology for industrial applications in optics and displays as well as for achieving academic excellence. The major research is to develop the sol-gel siloxane hybrid materials (Hybrimers) as the new unique optical dielectric materials to be used in many applications for optics, displays, and others. Also, we are developing the sol-gel processed semiconducting oxide thin films to be used in TFT. The LOMC is proud of leading group in the areas of sol-gel research and optical materials in Korea. The LOMC has been developing the innovative material solution for flexible and wearable devices, and high performance LED and future display technologies. Currently, we developed thermally stable and low thermal expansion transparent glass-fabric reinforced plastic (GFRHybrimer) films for flexible display substrate and cover window. Based on GFRHybrimer films, the robust transparent electrode films are being developed using metal nanowire and metal mesh etc. Thermally resistant (or UV stable) high refractive index hybrimers have been developed for encapsulant materials of white LED and UV LED. Thermally stable hybrimers are encapsulated with dyes or quantum dots to develop to the reliable fluorescent materials to be used in high performance displays and LED. Also, the high mobility and stability oxide TFTs are fabricating using the sol-gel based solution process for next generation displays (High resolution, High speed, Large area).

The LOMC founded the start-off company, Solip Tech. Co. Ltd., to commercialize its R&D achievements of hybrimers.

Lap of Optical Materials & Coating (LOMC), KAIST Room 2308, Building W 1-1,
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