New Display Cover for Samsung\\\'s Project Valley

2018-05-23 15:29
New Display Cover for Samsung's Project Valley

Scheduling next year, Samsung Electronics will apply highly flexible cover in foldable smartphone (Project Valley) instead of Corning’s ‘Gorilla Glass’.

New material that forms the new cover glass will be strong to damage like tempered glass, have high light transmission, and have unchanging properties even when stressed with repeated folds and bends.

Company which is developed the new material and Samsung are working on how to apply the new material on display for Project Valley.

▲Transistor formed on Solip Technology’s Hybrimer. /Source: KAIST

In December 1st, according to electric materials related businessman stated that Samsung Electronics developed new material ‘Hybrimer’ for project Valley with venture under KAIST called Solip Technology (representative Byeong-soo Bae)

Hybrimer is made by combining inorganic materials like glass and organic materials like plastic in proper ratio. It is transparent clear like glass and strong to break and scratches while is highly flexible like plastic film. Since it takes characteristics of both organic and inorganic, the word ‘hybrimer’ came from ‘hybrid’ and ‘polymer’.

Samsung Electronics is planning to coat hybrimer on foldable smartphone’s display with 50μm thickness. In results of their experiment, hybrimer’s transparency or harness didn’t decrease even after 100,000 folds and unfolds in 3r curvature. ‘3r’ curvature means bending the display around cylinder with radius of 3mm.

Widely forecasted, Samsung Display will include hybrimer coating process while producing AM OLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode). Hybrimer will be nano-coated on the upper surface of PI (polyimide), which acts as substrate of flexible AM OLED.

Hybrimer not only shows outstanding performance in flexibility but also in hardness. Generally, the higher the value of pencil hardness, the stronger mineral is to scratches or damages. Common glass has ‘6H’ and widely used as smartphone unfold-able display, Corning’s ‘Gorilla Glass’ has 9H+ (Pencil hardness basis). Samsung Electronics and Solip Technology increased the hybrimer’s display hardness up to more than ‘9H+’. Thus, Hybrimer is not only flexible but also strong.

Project Valley coating material development was carried out by several companies including Japan’s Sumitomo and Gunje at the beginning, but Solip Technology’s hybrimer showed best performance whether in transparency and hardness.

Related businessman stated “Since 2014, Samsung Electronics progressed technology development to apply hybrimer in Project Valley” adding “Since hybrimer is one of core technologies to realize foldable smartphone, Samsung seem to review the method of carrying out equity investment in Solip Technology.”

by Brian Ahn

translated by Taegeun Kim

December 03, 2015

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