Glass-fabric Reinforced Hybrimer Film for Flexible Electronic Devices (GFRHybrimer)

Glass-Fabric Reinforced Hybrimer Film

By embedding glass fabric into hybrimer matrix, the glass-fabric reinforced hybrimer (GFRHybrimer) film with excellent mechanical properties and low thermal expansion can be obtained. By matching the refractive indices of glass-fabric and hybrimer, the film with high transparency can be obtained. Due to excellent thermal, mechanical, and chemical stability, GFRHybrimer provides robust platform for fabrication of various flexible electronic devices.

Transparent Electrode Based on GFRHybrimer Film

By embedding Ag nanowires (AgNWs) onto the surface of the GFRHybrimer, GFRHybrimer can act as a high-performance transparent conducting electrode (TCE) films for future flexible optoelectronics.

Flexible Opto-Electronic Applications Using GFRHybrimer

Demonstration of flexible and wearable opto-electronic devices using GFRHybrimer

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