Siloxane Hybrid Material

Sol-Gel Derived Siloxane Hybrid Material (Hybrimer)

Sol-gel derived siloxane hybrid material (Hybrimer) is a siloxane based organic-inorganic hybrid material that is synthesized via sol-gel reaction of siloxane precursors followed by polymerization of organo-functionalized oligosiloxanes. Because hybrimer consists of both organic and inorganic moieties, hybrimer exhibit the advantages of both organic and inorganic materials. For example, compared to inorganic materials, the hybrimer shows flexibility, toughness, and are elasticity. Furthermore, the hybrimer shows high thermal stability, hardness, and chemical stability compared to polymeric materials due to inorganic moieties. Various properties of hybrimer such as refractive index can be modified by controlling the organic functionalities, structure, and synthesis procedures.kbon Based on these advantages, hybrimer can be applied to various applications.

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